Volunteer for ECCCLC 2018 by joining one of the many working teams by contacting their respective leaders. Click on the list of teams for more information.

Art Team

Kasie Lung and Pui-Tak Chan

The Earth without art is just Eh. Guess that’s suitable since we’re in Canada though, eh? But what ISN’T suitable is GT without art.

Hey friends! It’s Kasie and Pui-Tak here and we are going to be your Art Team leaders for GT18!

Interested in being a part of GT? Then join our A team to help spread our faith through art. Our work ranges from designing posters and banners to designing t-shirts and souvenirs for fellow campers.

If you are drawn to art or if you are interested in doing some crafts then this team is perfect for you! Previous art experience is preferred but definitely NOT required.

Hurry! We’re expecting you to “van Gogh” and sign up to join our amazing art family!

If you are interested in joining or if you have further questions about our group, contact us at gt18art@gmail.com

Community Connections

Katie Ng & Justin Lee (SATCC) 

Karen Pun & Irene Chau (CMCC)

James Law & Jasper Leung (SOTW)

May Wang (MCCM)

Louis Wang (SSCC)


Handbook Team

Christine Wong and Shobie Lung

Are you good with digital design and page layout? Are you an editor, longing to put that knowledge to good use? Do you love the crinkle of perfectly cut paper? Do you enjoy the a e s t h e t i c s of a freshly bound book? Do you want to take part in a project that will not only guide campers as they journey through the GT weekend, become a refuge for personal reflection, and record memories that each camper will cherish forever?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! Take part in creating this year’s handbook, so that from cover to cover, campers can look back and remember the voice of God that they’ve heard, and the rock upon which their faith has been built.

Feel free to contact us at gt18handbook@gmail.com 🙂 We look forward to hearing from you!

House Team

Colman Chan Nathalie Wong

Hey everyone!

House Team here! ECCCLC is a yearly blessing where we have the opportunity to deepen our faith and strengthen our relationship with God, as well as connect with many youth across eastern Canadian cities. Through our subgroups (security, first aid, and bus leaders) House Team is dedicated to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of all campers.

If you are interested in joining House Team, don’t hesitate to contact us!! We would love to work with you!! 🙂

Email us at gt18house@gmail.com for any questions; we are so excited to hear from you!

Liturgy Team

Maria D’azevedo and Dorothy Shu

Have you ever wondered how and why we Catholics have mass? Do you have the strong urge to lead rosary all the time? Do you want to know what that gold thingy that holds the smelling stuff during adoration is called? JOIN LITURGY TEAM!!! Grow in formation, learn about the mass and other spiritual activites, AND what it takes to run it! WOWOWOWOWOW WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!! If you want to join Maria and Dorothy on this journey to bringing the LITERAL BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST TO GT 18 then join Liturgy Team!!!

Contact us at gt18liturgy@gmail.com

Music Team

Cynthia Yeh and William Li

Hey friends, this is Cynthia and Will! We are your Music Team leads this year.

So, we’re supposed to write an introduction for this post, but all we could come up with was that ↑. You see, writing paragraphs isn’t really our “forte”, so that’s probably why committee assigned us to oversee music. But don’t “fret”; be not afraid, we are both completing our undergrads in the music field – Music Therapy and Music Composition, respectively – so trust us, we can “Handel” this 🙂

On a serious ♪ “note” ♪, music is always an essential part of each GT retreat and the entire spiritual journey, whether it be singing hymns during Mass, leading Singspiration/praise and worship, or providing a reflective tone for Adoration and Taizé. Through involvement in this ministry, you will be helping to guide your fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ to grow closer to God, while simultaneously strengthening your own relationship with the Lord.

We are still looking for a couple more voices to join our team. If you are interested or have any questions, you can reach us at gt18music@gmail.com, and we will get right “Bach” to you.

Multimedia Team

Bryan Yeung and Nicholas Chum

We make sure the lights and sounds work like magic, that your photos don’t suck, and painstakingly compile these memories in a beautiful video even though you’ll probably never bother to watch it.

Join our team or get more information by emailing gt18multimedia@gmail.com

Program Team

Megan Wong and Ignatius Sinn

Hello everyone! We are Megan and Ignatius, leaders of Program Team for GT 2018!

Fun facts about us: Ignatius is the third generation of his family to be involved in GT and this is Megan’s third time in program team. It may look like we know what we are doing, but we need help! Program is supposed to be the “brain” of the retreat, so the more brains the better! If you are someone with creative ideas, boss organizational skills or enjoy leading a group of people please let us know.  Perks include free food (if you pay for it), spending time in our wonderful company, contributing your ideas to what will happen at GT, and maybe Ignatius will do a magic trick for you or something.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can reach us at gt18program@gmail.com or message us on facebook.

Translation Team

Carol Cheung and Renee Leung