Many individuals from the community are involved in the plannings and workings of GT, who generously volunteer their time and their God-given gifts to help this living camp come to fruition.

Our Working Team Leads for GT20 are TBA, but for now, you can meet our Working Team Leads from last year!



"I wanted to be a part of something that had a foundation of pure love and grace and to have the opportunity to build from this and watch it flourish. Not only is this a chance for me to serve but I get to work with my amazing brothers and sisters for the glory of God." - Cassandre Quan


"We're all on our own journey of faith: unique and personal, yet wholly understood by God, in the loving way that only God can. At GT, that journey takes us through a network of fellow Catholics that have become some of our closest friends." - Jason Lo


"This year, with the sweeping changes to GT, us in the liturgy team keep it traditional. And nothing is more traditional than the Catholic Church... There is so much to learn, from the mysteries of the mass to understanding the Our Father." - Kristian Ashali & Josh Osoria


"We love Jesus. And giving Him praise and worship! We also like strawberry rhubarb pie! 😛 We pray that the Lord may guide you to where and how He is calling you to serve." - Adrienne Wong & Aleks Niedra 


"We all have a favourite moment after a retreat, whether it’s meeting new friends or encountering God in a very special moment. My favourite moment was during confession when I felt God grace me with peace and stillness, telling me everything would be okay." - Stephanie Vong


"... We can find fulfillment in ourselves if we practice putting the needs of others first or consider what we can bring to the group to add value... With the theme about renewing our relationship with Christ, I believe that it will be the next step in our growth should we choose to allow God to work within us." - Michael Hui

Thank you to all our volunteers and working team members!