Many individuals from the community are involved in the plannings and workings of GT, who generously volunteer their time and their God-given gifts to help this living camp come to fruition.

If you would are interested in joining a working team this year, please contact our working team leaders!

The Art team is in charge of coming up with the t-shirt design, handbook cover, and creating promotional content. If you are interested in helping in designing any of these, contact me at Let’s get creative together!

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If you want to be involved this year with GT, and want to help with promo and fundraising at your parish, we would love for you to join our CC team! You can contact your specific parish rep individually or at our email at!

CMCC: Celia Liu
SATCC: Bernice Fung
SOTW: Sophie Tieu
OLMC: Katie Ng
MCCM: Nathalie Wong & Eric Li
SSCC: Lydia Nung & Shobie Lung

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If you love design (#aesthetics), have a good eye for editing, and are interested in journeying with me, shoot me a message at!

In journeying together throughout the summer on this team, we will help each other to better discover what being an authentic Christian leader means to you, what it looks like in your everyday life, and how to better be one. If you are interested in being a GT Group Leader or interested in just journeying with us, feel free to message us individually or email us at

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If you love all the liturgical and devotional elements of our Catholic faith, and/or want to learn more about it, come join us on the Liturgy Team as we will be diving into the very fundamentals of the Mass as well as the prayers we’ve come to know. Email us at!

Our team is mainly responsible for anything involving the sound systems, computers and projectors. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in helping out with, let us know! We’re always down to try out new things. Contact us at if you would like to join the team or have any ideas or suggestions!

If you would like to join music team and share your gifts of music to worship our Lord then please get in contact with us at!

God calls each one of us to use our talents to serve Him. If you’re interested in sharing your ideas, planning fun activities, and working with speakers on their workshops, we would love to have you as a part of program team! For more information, feel free to email us at

Thank you to all our volunteers and working team members!