Last year, GT19 introduced workshops.

We're excited to say that these will be back for GT20! Workshop speakers and information will be released in the summer of 2020. Stay tuned!


From GT19

Saturday @14:45

How Not to Go to Confession - Fr. Raphael Ma, CR
Suggested audience: New to faith

As Catholics, confession is an important sacrament for us to partake in. You’ve probably heard announcements around Easter and Christmas stressing times for confession at mass. How about the other 10 months? Is it just a spiritual laundromat, or is there more to the sacrament? This workshop will explore why we go to confession and hopefully point out some ways for it to become a more fruitful experience for you, that you will want to make a regular part of your life.

The Catholic Dorm and  Beyond: Part 1 - Jeremy Zou
Suggested audience: U
niversity students/post-grad

A lot of Catholic university students and recent graduates are stuck… at this point in their lives, they have gone through the youth groups at their home parish (YOSAC, EDGE, LifeTeen, etc.) and the university Catholic programs (GT, CCCs, Newman Centres, etc.). Now that they are near the end of or finished university, they are unsure of what they can do next. For a lot of us, we view our faith as a set of programs, where you graduate from one program to the next. But how strong is our spiritual foundation? If we were to take away these programs and evaluate our relationship with God, how would we describe it? The first part of this talk focuses on how we can begin identifying and laying the foundation for a young person to start taking ownership and growing deep roots in their relationship with Christ. How can we take a more active and pivotal role in guiding our hearts closer to God?

Male and Female Vocations: Jesus and Men, Jesus and Women (TOB) - Katie Zou
Suggested audience: Everyone

The Church has always defended the complementarity of male and female... but is it only physical? Are there differences in female and male spirituality? And if so, how are men called to be holy in a way that is different than how women are called to be holy? And why is there this difference? What implications does this have for my own journey to holiness and how I think about marriage, priesthood, and religious life?

Untitled Talk (Mandarin) - Sr. Alberta Zhen

Saturday @16:00

What Does It Mean to Have a Chaste Heart - Fr. Francis Ching
Suggested audience: Mature

The church’s teaching on chastity and sexuality can often be confusing and difficult. With the pressures of society defining what relationships ought to look like, it is difficult to stand firm on what we believe is right. Discover the truth and beauty in what the church believes. Do we seek happiness in the temptations of the flesh or does it leave us feeling hollow inside, still yearning for something greater? What is that “something more”? And finally, how can we navigate life through these constant battles of temptations? Through this workshop, you will walk away with practical ways of fighting against the habits and temptations of the flesh.

Beauty in Vulnerability and Value of Silence - Hawkins Choi
Suggested audience: Everyone

The world is filled with many captivating things - we may be caught up in building a life that enables us to survive in this society (wealth, education, employment). It is important to remember who created all these worldly pleasures for us to enjoy and to set aside time for Him. How can we quiet and discipline ourselves to spend more time in God’s presence? How can we open up our hearts to Him and let Him direct our life instead of trying to accomplish everything on our own? Just as God gave us a beautiful Earth to live on, He also provides the opportunities that leads us to succeed and live comfortably. This workshop will provide you the tools with which you can include God in every decision you make, every conversation you have, every encounter and thought to live a more fruitful life.

Catholic Campus Ministry (Mandarin) - Fr. Augustine Chan

Walking With the Homeless - Deacon Peter Fan
Suggested audience: Everyone

Sunday @14:45

How God Restores Us In Times of Suffering - Fr. Francis Ching
Suggested audience: Everyone

Suffering is an inevitable part of the human experience. Often times, we may wonder why something so disheartening would be created. Why can’t we all just live happily? And sadly, the world has created many methods of illusionary happiness. How can we recognize the ways God is reaching out to us in times of suffering? Each of us are strong enough to overcome the tough battles life throws at us and this workshop will provide you with the tools to face these hardships.

Confirmation Revisited - Fr. Raphael Ma, CR
Suggested audience: Mature

Can you recall the day of your confirmation? Was it a dramatic moment of decision that changed your life? Or just something you did because your family expected you to? Regardless, you were strengthened with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, courage, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. What are they anyways? Do they make a difference in our lives? Can they make a difference? This workshop will hopefully provide you with a better understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and how to recognize them at work in your life, and to help you foster them, to become the person God has called you to be.

The Catholic Dorm and Beyond: Part 2 - Jeremy Zou
Suggested audience: University students/post-grad
*You do not need to have attended PART 1 to attend this workshop

In the first workshop session, we took a look into our relationship with God and hopefully now have a better understanding of what our faith is rooted in and personally means to us. But what are the actionable steps to further our relationship with God? Do we choose to continuously challenge ourselves to spiritually grow or do we let our faith go stagnant? This workshop will provide many great resources to inspire you to begin a  great journey that God has called us to - one where we don’t leave God behind, but acknowledge Him in everything that we do. Life itself is a great mystery, so why don’t we uncover the treasures that God has laid for us together, to share every joy and sorrow, every enlightenment and lesson learned with our beloved Father?

Sunday @16:00

How to Pray Like Jesus - Deacon Anthony Wong
Suggested audience: New to faith

Prayer is one of the most intimate ways to communicate with our Father. As humans, we communicate with our friends and family by expressing what we feel and need. We are social beings that yearn to share information and updates. It is the same with God; He is our friend who wants to share in the excitement and struggles of our daily life. He wants to be there to comfort you, to make you laugh, to encourage you, to inspire you. But, are we letting God in? Are we allowing God to be our friend? How can we communicate with God as Jesus did, to establish that personal connection with Him as we do with someone close to us?

Happily Ever After: Ever After - Phoebe and Eric Wong
Suggested audience: Those in/discerning relationships

Have you ever wondered what it takes to foster a strong Catholic relationship into marriage and beyond? We certainly have! We invite you to join us for an open panel where we’ll discuss anything from Catholic dating to marriage to how to keep your relationships Christ-centered.

5 Heresies of the Modern World - Katie Zou
Suggested audience: Everyone

This talk will unmask 5 heresies that are often at the root of modern misunderstandings about the Catholic faith and which unfortunately have been driving people out of the church or watering down the faith so much it no longer means anything. This talk will identify them and the subtle (but dangerous) consequences it has on our relationship with Christ, and identify saints we can turn to whose spirituality combats these erroneous ways of thinking.