GT19 Theme: Nunc Cœpi – Now I Begin / 主,我從心開始

Nunc Cœpi – Now I Begin speaks to the potential of your personal relationship with Christ. Whether it is one that is new in your life, one that has been present for some time now, or one where you are just beginning to gain interest, it is not a journey that can be completed with perfection. Rather, we must count on the eternal mercy and grace of our Lord,  so that no matter how many times we may falter, or turn away, we have the courage and humility to return to our God and say again, with great conviction, “Nunc Cœpi! Now I Begin!” This theme of beginnings comes with a great aspiration—that is, the dream that each of you can leave this weekend with a better understanding of your personal relationship with Christ. When are you growing closer to Him, and when are you growing away from Him? What can you do about this? As you explore these topics, it will become clearer and clearer how you can begin actively pursuing our Lord with love. It is our prayer that you will find this useful in your spiritual journey as we follow Him together. No matter where you are in your relationship with God, He is continually knocking on the door of your heart, calling you to new beginnings, the start of a new life rooted and founded in Him.

Nunc Cœpi – 主,我從心開始 講述了你與主基督潛在的人神關系。無論是生活中發生的新事物,或是剛開始興趣的事物,還是已經存在了一段時間,它都不會是一個完美完整完正的旅程。相反,我們必須依靠天主慈悲之心和永恆的恩典。因此,無論多少次,當我們的信仰動搖,或轉身離開,最終我們都會有一種這樣的勇氣和謙卑回到天主前,以極大的信念,說一遍,Nunc Cœpi -主,我從心開始。 從一開始的這個主題就帶有一個很大的願望 – 希望你們每個人可以在離開這個週末營之后有一個更加清楚認識自己與基督的關係。你什麼時候離他越來越接近?什麼時候遠離他?我們又能做些什麼呢?在探討這些話題時,希望你們會越來越清楚,開始如何用愛來積極地追尋我們的天主。讓我們在祈禱中,一起跟隨他時,無論身在何處與天主的關係,他會不斷敲你的心門,呼喊你以新的開始,生根於有他新生活。

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