Spreading the ECCCLC Spirit

Western Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp : WCCCLC

The spirit of ECCCLC spread to the West Coast when Odilia Lee and Gus Yam, both ex-ECCCLC campers, started brainstorming the idea of WCCCLC (Western Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp) one day at the food court of Metrotown Shopping Centre in Vancouver. The first WCCCLC was held in 1997, when ECCCLC was celebrating its 21st anniversary. The first WCCCLC was mainly organized by a group of young adults from a cell group in Vancouver. Among the 1st WCCCLC participants, a few of them participated in previous ECCCLCs: Martina Lee, Bobby Siu, Oswald Au, Schola Au, Fr. Joseph Fan Kam Tong and Fr. Paul Pang.

California Chinese Catholic Living Camp : CACCLC

The spirit continued to grow. The first CACCLC (California Chinese Catholic Living Camp) was held in the summer of 1998. Fr. Denis Kong (Kong Chi Chiu), who was the speaker of 1st WCCCLC, initiated the camp after 1997 WCCCLC. One of the organizers was Philip Ho, who was a lifelong friend of Gabriel Chow, an ex-ECCCLC camper.

Beginning in 1999, all three living camps were held at the same time – Labour Day long weekend in North America.