Our Main Speaker for this year is…

Fr Eric Mah

Fr. Eric Mah is a priest for the Archdiocese of Toronto in Canada where he is currently serving as Pastor of St. James Parish in Colgan, St. Mary’s in Achill and St. Francis Xavier in Tottenham. His prior assignment was in Oshawa as Pastor of St. Joseph the Worker Parish; and Priest Chaplain of Ontario Tech, Durham College and Trent. He previously served in the capacity of Associate Pastor in St. Leonard’s Parish in Brampton, and Blessed Trinity Parish in North York.

Prior to entering the seminary, Fr. Eric attended the University of British Columbia where he obtained a B.A. (English Literature) in 1999. He also graduated from Dalhousie University with a law degree in 2002 before moving to Toronto and being called to the bar in 2003. He practiced insurance law on a full-time basis before entering St. Augustine’s Seminary in 2005.

Fr. Eric also has a podcast called Catholic Latte, which you can find on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Podbean. You can watch clips from the podcast on Instagram and TikTok. ☕️🤎



馬神父還經營一個名為「Catholic Latte」的播客,你可以在Facebook、YouTube、Spotify、和Podbean上找到,亦可在Instagram和TikTok上觀看播客的片段。

最喜歡的聖經章節:瑪竇福音11:28-30 📖
最喜歡的聖人:聖伯多祿 😇🪨
愛好:電影 🎥、騎自行車 🚴‍♂️
奇怪的癡迷:為播客剪輯短片 🎞️
奇怪的行為:在沙發上和我的貓Whiskie一起聽爵士音樂 🐱🎶