Last year, GT19 introduced workshops.

We're excited to say that these will be back for GT20! Here is a list workshops that we've got lined up for you!


Discernment for Ministry  - Fr. Matthew McCarthy

In this workshop, we’ll be discussing how to discern the will of God, both in significant life decisions and in the choices made daily.  Participants will be introduced to various figures in Scripture who serve as models of discernment.  Furthermore, participants will be given a set of tools on how to navigate through the different internal and external influences on the human heart.

How to Pray Without Structured Prayer - Fr. Edmund Lo

In addition to structured prayers such as the Our Father/ Rosary and unstructured (hence more spontaneous) prayers, the Catholic Church offers other ways to pray in her rich tradition. They have but one purpose: Allowing us to better know our Lord and to grow in our relationship with him. In this workshop, Fr. Edmund Lo will introduce several different ways to pray with Scripture (such as Lectio Divina and Ignatian contemplation), and why praying with Scripture is an irreplaceable aspect of our Christian lives.

The Catholic Vision of Morality: Participation in Our Interior Creation in the Image of God - Fr. Kevin Belgrave

This workshop will take you to the heart of the meaning of the Church’s moral teachings. In his talk, Fr. Belgrave will explain how the Church’s moral teachings are far more than a mere set of rules and obligations that we just have to follow, but rather are a participation in our ongoing creation into the image of God! To resonate with this image of God through the free choices that gradually shape us is, ultimately, what joy is. This workshop will then explore how this work of sharing in our ongoing creation has been disrupted by original sin, and is ultimately being restored by gradual and ever greater union with the perfect “image of God” - Jesus Christ.

Living and Growing in the Virtue of Chastity - Fr. Kevin Belgrave

This practical and concrete workshop on how to grow in chastity will begin by understanding the virtue of chastity as not just something that defends us, or stops us from sinning, but also (like all virtues) as something that gradually builds a new kind of joy and vision in us as it grows. From there, we look at a whole series of things you can do in daily life to shape the virtue of chastity in order, again gradually, to come to experience the joy of resonating with God’s image and plan for love.

如何使生活与祈祷相结合 / How to Build a Prayer Life (Mandarin) - Sister Alberta Zhen


Prayer means conversation with God. Prayer and life could not be separate. At any time and anywhere, we can talk with God freely about our studies and work, share our happiness, sadness, worry and anger. We can also listen to God and receive guidance and blessings from Him. When we get into the habit of conversing with God everyday, gradually, we will know and recognize who God is and who we are - we are beloved children of God, disciples of Jesus.

Theology of the “Buddy”: In Relationship He Created Them - Hilton Chiu

In an age of technology and social media, meaningful relationships and intentional companionship seem to be ideals that are increasingly more difficult to attain. Even before our current pandemic, people have increasingly felt loneliness and isolation. What are some ways we can revitalize our physical and spiritual lives, in relationship to those God has placed in our lives, as we are called to become saints of the Third Millennium? This workshop will draw inspiration from Pope Benedict XVI, some of Hilton’s favourite “dynamic duos” of the Catholic Church, and from his own experiences of ministry and Christian discipleship.

Intentional Holiness = Prayer + Love in Action by Fr. David Purcell

Part 1: Intentionally copy the pigeons when you pray.

St. Alphonsus is a Doctor of the Church, who served working people with large families and very busy lives. He taught them short meditations to be used throughout the day. Let us explore how to apply these in our lives.

Part 2: Intentionally copy what is attractive about Jesus.

Let us learn from Saints Gerard Majella, Mother Theresa, Francis, Theresa of Avila, and others. They show us how to find something attractive about Jesus and follow that to holiness.

Practical Tales of Living Intentional Discipleship for the Laity - Phoebe and Eric Wong

We will be discussing how we've learned (and sometimes failed) to live out intentional discipleship in our work, studies and married life.

Discerning different aspects of life with the goal of Intentional Discipleship - a case-based workshop following Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Christian Principles - Deacon Peter Fan

An applied case reflection following Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with a few specific cases (I have identified about 3-4 life cases that I have encountered in my counseling practice) that I have followed through their vocational life which is my field of graduate study, career and educational counseling. The three to four cases that correspond with the basic, medium and ultimate level of actualization of Maslow's would fall into:

  • Physical needs - personal well being with very basic discernment such as food;
  • Security needs - job choices vs personal need for financial and personal security;
  • Self-actualization - discerning for a fulfilling job vs a fulfilling vocation, in terms of jobs and/or in terms of commitment to action based on Christian values, such as 'love your enemy', 'give without expecting return', all the way to offering one's whole life to God through serving others in consecrated life or through evangelization.

Let’s explore this inevitable process that we have to go through as humans from the Christian perspective.

Master, where are you staying? - Deacon Anthony Wong

Why should we be curious about where Jesus is staying tonight? When Jesus started his ministry, he called 12 men to be his disciples. How about us, why would we even want a relationship with Jesus?  With so much distraction in this world, why would we want to be his follower intentionally? Can we enter into a relationship with Him that never fails and find true Love? Let's explore.

Intentional Discipleship: What is it? Where am I? What do I do with it in my parish? - Katie Zou

Just because you are baptized, confirmed, and in some ministry does not mean you are an "intentional disciple." What does "intentional discipleship" mean? What are its 5 Thresholds? What do we do once we become an "intentional disciple" and what are his defining characteristics? What happens after the 5th Threshold? What does a ministry or parish of intentional disciples look like?

The Ascent: Beyond GT BaseCamp - Jeremy Zou

GT is not the peak of one's relationship with Christ; it is merely basecamp. This is one of the biggest mistakes young Catholics make about their interior life: they mistake the valley for the summit, thereby never moving beyond the most basic stage in their relationship with God.

This talk is about the mountain: the interior life. It outlines what the interior life is, why it is so important to engage in it, and shows the stages of ascent one can expect in this relationship. Most importantly, it details the major traps (aka purgations) one will experience near the mountain base which prevents most climbers from ascending, and how to navigate them.

Building “Shallow Water Zones” for evangelization - Fr. Francis Ching

How do we evangelize effectively? Traditionally, the Church has put a lot of emphasis on catechesis, prayer and liturgy, but before people can get there, they have to know that they can belong to us the Church. They have to find it safe to trust the Church, or at least people who are part of the Church.

Such an environment of trust is what I call a “shallow water zone”. This talk will focus on how to construct it, the dynamics of evangelization involved, the needs of the people we are bringing in, and how to journey with people from trust, to curiosity to openness to God.


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